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About Our Products

We strive to offer unique and high-quality products from around the world.  Our goal is to be—not just another online retailer of novelties and toys—but the curators of discerning and exquisitely handcrafted pieces that will enhance your homes and leave indelible memories on all who enjoy them.  We are also strongly committed to giving back to communities which supply us with these wondrous creations, while supporting their efforts to build and sustain their local economies.  You can read more here about our efforts to give back. We hope that you join us in enduring partnership as we continue to source and bring you our collections of joyful, creative and artisanal treasures. 


Our first collections include high-end, hand-painted, wooden doorstops and children’s toys from Sri Lanka.  All the products in these collections are made from the highest quality and responsibly sourced woods such as Rubber, Albesia, and Alstonia. Each children’s toy and item of furniture as well as doorstop is hand sawn, sanded, polished, painted and lacquered with the utmost care by local artisans and craftsmen.

About Our Proprietors

My name is Minou and I am called “NuNu” by my two beautiful grandkiddos.  

My life has been filled with adventures, dear friends and family, and when I thought I had given all my love to my lovely daughter, she blessed me with two delightful grandchildren who are the light of my life.  

From the time they were born and because of my own personal dedication to global sustainability, ecology and philanthropy, I have made a conscious effort and decision to obtain and purchase clothing, toys and other products that are made in this fashion.

I am so happy to be able to share some of our wonderful global findings with you all and hope that you, your children, grandchildren, friends and family members enjoy these items that were handpicked with love and care and as our motto goes “these are NuNu approved.” 


My name is Samira and I am blessed with a ray of sunshine which I am proud to call my daughter.  Having traveled a great deal of the world, I often felt a strong desire to share the creativity and cultural diversity I had witnessed across our planet.


I welcome you now to our site and am delighted for this opportunity to locate and bring you some of the most beautiful and treasured toys and items for your homes.  I am always amazed and inspired by the endless creativity and entrepreneurial spirit of communities that we encounter, and their strong desire to offer their artisanal creations.


"It has been one of our greatest blessings to be able to travel and bear witness to the spectacular beauty of this earth, to encounter enchanting cultures and to meet and befriend fascinating individuals from all walks of life."  Minou & Samira

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